We imagine a world where people enjoy inspiring others to have a positive impact in the world. Inspiring is what is driving us and democratize experiences and knowledge is our dream. We imagine a world where all people can have access to knowledge and learn from each other.

We believe in knowmads mentality. A knowmad can work with almost anyone, anytime and anywhere and is creati- ve, imaginative and innovative.

Manel Jordana


Whenever I think about my professional career or personal development, people come to mind who were important to me, and of whom I remember moments when I achieved some- thing special and was happy beside them. In those special moments, where I was able to im- prove myself, there were people by my sharing advice, their experience and conversations that gave me strength on the way.

The years have passed and it is only when I had to stop that I have realized how much value those moments have had for me. It seems unreal, but I only learned to value those moments when life forced me to stop and look at everything around me.
It was on June 28, 2019 when I fractured my Achilles tendon. I had to return from my vaca- tion to face a complicated operation that would entail a long post-operative phase. An injury of this tendon entails a long recovery and requires a few months of total immobilization.
After a few moments of frustration, I began to think how I could make the most of that time. I believe that there are no coincidences and there was a reason why I had to stop. It was during this time that I decided how I wanted to face my life, just as I had to work to recover my tendon, I had to work to build what I wanted to dedicate myself to. Life wanted to teach me something.

Everything seemed to follow its daily rhythm while it seemed that I had remained anchored in time, had gone from being a Knowmads to being Sedentary. And in that impasse, I bet on giving a chance to what really made me happy, my KNOWMADWORLD project. KnowmadsWorld brings together all those experiences I have lived: leaving my village at the age of 18 to study, meet new people, create my own family and all this with a common thread: Connect, Inspire and Create.

Knowmads creates a common space where we can all find that person who can inspire us and take us to the next level, a space where we can learn, inspire, help … return all that life has given us by helping with our experience and knowledge. Democratizing experiences and inspiring has been my obsession in this new stage.
I hope you have the opportunity to find that person who inspires you, that you never lose the desire to learn and the humility to stop and listen.
Over the years I have followed Steve Jobs’ phrase “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” and this is what I wish for all of you.

Welcome to KnowmadsWorld