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I’m an optimist leader and entrepreneur who believes in Purpose as the driving force for positive change for leaders, teams and organisations.

My first job after my Masters was selling encyclopedias door to door. The guy who first interviewed me said: “This job isn’t to knock doors nor to sell books.” A week later, I was left on a street of a town from 10 am to 10 pm, wearing a suit, a tie and holding a suitcase full of brochures. I was knocking doors and selling books.

Since then, almost 20 years in sales and sales leadership roles. Worked as Head of Sales, Director of Customer Success and Head of Customer Experience at a different SaaS start-up and scale-up companies, building, developing and leading diverse teams across different countries and continents, creating company culture, designing strategies, implementing technology and processes.

During these years, I’ve learned what it takes to be a good leader and build a successful and high-performing team even under the most high-pressure and challenging situations.

Through my journey, I often questioned myself about what my real purpose was, what I really wanted to do and where I could add more value to others. Thanks to some inspiration I developed a methodology to help me discover my purpose. It worked. There was a common element that gave me that energy I needed to do my best throughout my career, adding value to others and helping them to be successful, feel fulfilled and be happier.

Since then, I help organisations, leaders and teams discover their purpose, transform and get better at what they do. Recently, I realised that during my career I unconsciously discovered the purpose of every company I worked for but just for myself, to be able to do my job and to deliver results.

I run online and onsite leadership programs, workshops and organise retreats to help my clients realise there is another (and more sustainable) way to achieve results. To help them understand why they are in business, why they want to be a leader and the reason why they wake up in the morning.

You can be successful, profitable and purpose-driven at the same time.

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