Merging HR practices and working on employee’s experience with digital transformation. BBVA has modernized its culture to adapt it to the upcoming changes and tendences on people management. After having to adapt all their processes during the pandemic, they experienced the benefits of having

Generating compromise on teams through emotional salary programmes. The emotional salary does not substitute the economic one, it is a complement of it that can make a change on the integral wellness of any employee. Through it, companies can demonstrate they care and value

Boosting a HR transformation that changed people management conception: “talent managers need to think like businesspeople and innovators”. Patty McCord wanted to create from Netflix, “the company where anyone would love to work at”. To do that, she reflected about HR policies and company

The space where work takes place has a great impact on productivity and employee  experience. Make it diferencial and with an added value, has multiple benefits on employee wellbeing and objective achieving. That’s why Veepee, the online flash  seller, decided to make some structural

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, states that there will be a structural change in the way work will be organized in the near future. This is due to two megatendences: the “hybrid work” that settles new expectations around the flexibility that this triggers, and the

The Oxygen initiative had started with a fundamental question that Google executives had raised in the early 2000s: ‘‘Do managers matter?’’ The topic generated a multiyear research project that ultimately led to a comprehensive program, including surveys, feedback, training, and rewards, designed to help