Work History

Knowmad, Organizational Development, Purpose Drive, Culture Development, Digital Transformation, Strategic HR Expert, Transformational Coach

I could describe myself as a person who love inspire people o get the best of themselves , so they can create a positive impact on the ones around them and build a space where people Belong Anywhere.

I enjoy making complex topics, simple and to connect people and departments within and organization to get things done with a pragmatic approach and with an entrepreneurial “can do” mentality.

I have worked in Local and Global Talent , Leadership and Organizational Transformation roles over 20 years across a wide range of business scenarios, markets sector ( Consultant, Fast Moving and Consumer Goods, Insurance & Banking, Manufacturing, Technologies & Start up) both in mature and emerging markets.

I am all about helping people and organizations growth building new capabilities, sparking new thinking & ideas and helping leaders to create shifts in themselves, their teams and organizations.

Specialized in culture and transformation, me unique value-add comes from years of in-company experience in the HR/Organizational Development function, where I have partnered with CEOs to transform and realign company culture. I bring a unique and powerful vision as external advisor to Executive teams.

Il have worked successfully in six different industries, ranging from traditional, conservative environments (Zurich Insurance) to cutting-edge organizations (Airbnb). I bring this corporate experience to me consulting assignments, where I inspire trust in his executive partners while creating a powerful vision of how organizational challenges can be leveraged to promote culture transformation.

Representative Projects

  • Internal business unit merger and reorganization in a well-known FMCG company, working with the new leadership team in creating vision and implementing organizational change.
  • Introduction of HR function into young, start-up companies as they scale up.
  • Leadership assessment and coaching.
  • Design of Hipo development programs

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic organizational consulting with executive teams
  • Organizational culture
  • Transformation of HR models
  • Learning and development
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Implementation of Workday and Success Factors and the organizational transformation the tools bring
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  • Undergrad in Business and MBA (UB, UPC, UAB).
  • Máster in Organizational Development GR Institute in Israel
  • Executive Education in Talent Mgt.,
  • London Business School

Certifications and Training

  • Leading from the Emerging Future and Leading Change During Disruptive Times, U.lab, MIT.
  • Design Thinking, IESE
  • Coaching certification by Performance Consultants, London (John Whitmore GROW model)
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¿ que tipo de trabajadores necesitan las empresas?
Personas que  sepan cuál es su propósito, se estén empoderados, que se sientan seguro  y que puedan trabajar con cualquier personal, en cualquier momento y desde cualquier lugar. Son personas apasionadas por aquello que hacen y son capaces de cambiar  los entornos en los que trabajan y se preocupan por mejorar día a día. Saben cuales son sus  fortalezas y las ponen al servicio de la empresa, compañeros, comunidad… Ah!! son sus propios jefes y son excelentes trabajando en equipo. Welcome to KnowmadsWorld!!!!!