Netflix: To dare to do things in a disruptive way

Boosting a HR transformation that changed people management conception: “talent managers need to think like businesspeople and innovators”.

Patty McCord wanted to create from Netflix, “the company where anyone would love to work at”. To do that, she reflected about HR policies and company culture with Netflix CEO, Red Hastings.  They decided to center all Netflix business strategy on their people, suggesting such novelty HR processes that were described as mad by other companies and media.  They were considered mad, since others started to imitate them.  Some of these new policies were the following: hire and reward only high-performing people, give sincere feedback about performances, give managers the responsibility to create great teams, mek leaders enhance company culture and change the way talent departments think and are distributed.

Do you wanna read how Paty describes each new policy? You can access her full article here