Build Your Personal Brand


Building your personal brand online is a requirement now. Being remembered when we cannot meet your audience face to face means you have to work harder to be preferred by them. Engaging with digital audiences, mastering social media and growing your online presence is crucial during a time when we cannot meet face to face. It might even be critical to getting the world out of this crisis. Deep human interaction will be the crucial factor that fixes the broken alliances worldwide.

This class will teach you how to show up with intention and clarity despite being restricted by remote working, social distancing and lockdowns. This session, which was entirely created during the Covid 19 pandemic, will help you grow your personal brand and maximize your potential during these uncertain times.

In this class you will:

  • Understand how different personal identity is in 2020 and how to shape yours
  • Rethink human relationships for the way we connect now
  • Build a brand that reflects your values and makes you stand out from your competition
  • Determine what kind of leader you want to be and learn how your personal brand can communicate this